“Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.”

PFC is all about promoting peace and humanity through the unifying media of music.

Coincidentally, my cousin with whom I was recently reunited through Facebook, (we haven’t seen or spoken with each other since we were 13), posted this song on Facebook and I just thought that that was so cool.

After all, she lives in Buenos Aires (and has her entire life—my mom is from Argentina and half the family is still there). So here I am, up in the Bay Area, having only heard of them through my sister who also lives up here, and hardly ever encountering anyone else that has heard of them. And then there is my cousin— in Buenos Aires—who has heard of them, and is introducing others to them, just as my sister up here in the Bay Area did for me. It is a testament to their purpose and power, if you ask me. They are, indeed, connecting people throughout the world.

Just watch….

Finally, in addition to their wonderfully magnificent purpose and goal, their music is also crazy awesome.

I’m not much for covers, but this is almost better than the original. And that’s THE STONES, we’re talking about…

But seriously, the power, beauty, and significance of this cannot be understated.



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