A Trip To The Library

I go to the library A LOT.

I may no longer be a student in the academic sense but I will always be a student of life!

(And it’s something fun and *free* to do— it costs $0.00!— my kind of fun)

Here’s the result of this week’s boner for books..


I just had to snap a photo of this one, because, well… come on, it’s laughable.

After looking at the cover, I always look for the photo & mini bio to check out the author’s credentials…


Wearing sunnies in your bio book photo = LOSS OF ANY & ALL CREDIBILITY

Needless to say, I did not check out “Don’t Say I Do!”

Clearly, for me, that ship has already sailed, but also, I just can’t put a lot of stock in something so prescriptive.

I mean, I was always against marriage having seen it as a system of privilege, but that didn’t mean I was ever going to tell people they shouldn’t get married!


On to the next one…


by Laura Vanderkam. 

Ok, Mz. Vanderkam, my interest is piqued…

Then I saw this one:


Naturally, I checked this one out, too. Looks interesting, no?

And ironically, I came upon this one next…

*So Yin & Yang!*

No makeup  //  Yes makeup


by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong & Heather Wood Rudulph

(yes, I checked it out too!)

Then I found the hardcore shit. Oh yeah.


Have YOU heard of this one? I’m so curious…



Now this last one was just a perfectly timed find.

The other day my dad and I were talking on the phone, and as per usual our “hello’s” and “how are you’s” quickly turned into a discussion on economics, globalization, and foreign policy. My dad has like a bazillion degrees and one of them is in economics (I think it was the one he obtained while also getting his law degree— seriously, he is cray cray with those degrees…).

I do not have a degree in economics.

As a matter of fact, aside from taking Econ 101 in the Fall of 2006, I know nothing about economics save the oblique references to and about it throughout the course of my feminist education at Berkeley and community college. So I really wanted to find a good book to open myself up to the topic…



Complete with pictures!

Now: time to read!

And please feel free to leave any other reading suggestions in the comments!



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