The priorities of this country never cease to amaze me.


Did you know that *apparently* words such as, “nigga,” “niggerish,” and the like are actually allowed on the radio…

yet in the song, “BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE,” the word “stripper” is bleeped out.


This is what first struck me when I heard it on the radio.

For those of you that don’t know, this song is about “BANDZ,” that is to say, rubber bands, that make strippers DANCE, as in, the rubber bands around the stacks of bills they are unwrapping to give the strippers money is making those girls dance. Hence: “BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE.”

Now you probably just think I am going to launch into a tirade about how sexist and disgustingly misogynistic this song is. But is it? Well in my opinion, yeah, it is. But what complicates my attempt at a feminist analysis of this song within our sexist social context is what I am just going to go ahead and call “the stripper paradox.”

Here’s the deal: Women have been concomitantly revered and subjugated throughout history and modern day rap is highly reflective of this longstanding history. So my question is: Are strippers (or perhaps more appropriately, sex workers, in general) exacerbating this dichotomous confluence of reverence and subjugation? (<—does what I just said even make sense???)

Simply put, do sex workers help, or hurt, the feminist cause?

Are they examples of strong, independent women that are in control of their own sexual agency? Or are they just propagating the longstanding tradition of women being revered, yet ultimately subjugated?

If you can believe it, this is something that I’ve never actually been able to form a solid opinion on. I have been sitting on this fence for one heck of a long time now. I have seen both sides to the argument and have never swayed in one direction or another. I have leanings, to be sure, but I’m not even going to share that, as I’ve no conviction behind them. What I would really love- and I’ve been saying this for years now- would be for someone to convince me.

Any takers?



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