“Beauty School Dropout…”

Ok, so I’m not really a beauty school dropout.

Seems a little anachronistic in 2012, don’t you think?

More apropos of our time, I am a law school dropout.

And “My Feminist Briefs” is my attempt at getting back to my roots- that is to say, being the writer I have always been. Some articles will be intense, some quite personal, sometimes with a hint of silliness, but always passionate, because that’s why I write in the first place. I am passionate about this nexus in which we all live, where the social and the political converge, whether it’s work, family, national politics, or day to day life- we are all in it. I am a feminist and probably what many [anti-feminists] would construe as the “worst” kind (and I say this facetiously of course), because I am the type that sees everything as a feminist issue. The old adage “the personal is the political” has endured for a very good reason, I think: because of the truth it holds.
In the next article I will explain just what I mean when I say “feminism,” so as to clear up any misconceptions regarding this perspective so fundamental to my writing. First, however, I just wanted to start off with a more introductory piece, perhaps more than anything so that you all can grasp that I am not always as super serious and intense as I may sound in the next article- it was originally published via a former blog back in June, 2010 while I was attending UC Berkeley- and I’ve since given it an ever so minor revision.
I promise it’s good though *wink*wink* and I hope you enjoy “my feminist briefs.”

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